Breathing Exercises

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Fight or Flight While we have a natural “fight or flight” stress response that can be useful in certain stressful or dangerous situations, the influx of stress hormones can

Helping Your Teen Leave Home

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Whether it’s your firstborn, your last, or a child somewhere in the middle, watching your kids graduate high school is both inspiring and emotional. You know they’re shedding (albeit probably slowly) the last vestiges of the teen years for the … Read More

Midterm and Exam Stress

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University students face the same stresses at certain points in the semester – the stress of performing well on a final exam or a midterm. When the time comes to prepare by studying, it can feel very overwhelming; there is … Read More

The Holiday Season

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The time has arrived again when we start planning for the holidays.  Weekends get filled with responsibilities and obligations, that you may or may not be interested in.  The stress is building up, when you are suppose to be having … Read More

After the Abortion

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So you made it through the procedure of the abortion, which was probably no easy choice. You went in feeling/thinking/knowing it was the right thing to do, or maybe you went in hoping it was the right thing to do. … Read More

The Mindset of the Sport

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I recently started a 90 day transformation program at Shift Fitness.  I am on week 5 and feeling great, frustrated and excited all at the same time.  Feeling great and excited since the inches are coming off, I have more … Read More

Online Counselling Services

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I am excited about your willingness to learn how to get the most out of your online counselling experience! I am confident that you will find this information helpful. So let’s get started…

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