Preschoolers and Stress

We sometimes think that kids have a carefree life. They are kids after all, playing, laughing, running around. We see ourselves as adults carrying the stress of the family, we have deadlines to meet, activities to get the kids to … Read More

When should you go to counselling?

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With regular frequency, when I see a client for the first time, they tell me that they have considered counselling for a long time (even years) before finally making the first appointment. Often, this first appointment comes at the very … Read More

Recipe for Success

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What is your family’s recipe for success? What does it take to be a family? Have you ever had this discussion with your family? As families we sometimes get caught up in the day to day activities of being a family; … Read More

This Thing Called Depression

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Depression is a word we hear a lot.  “I’m depressed” “That’s depressing” “She is so depressed.”  But what does the word depression really mean and how is it different than sadness.

How to fight the Winter Blues

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It’s that time of year again. All is merry, snow is falling, and the holidays are here. And yet, one important ailment that many Canadians face is the dreaded Winter Blues. What is the Winter Blues?

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