Books about Suicide

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There are so many resources out there, that it is hard to know what is reliable and what is not. This will be one of many posts with a list of resource books for your information only, these books do … Read More

I Think my Teen is Depressed

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Teenage depression can be confusing for parents. The teenage years are filled with fear and apprehension, but for the most part balanced out by friendships, school achievement and extracurricular activities. Teens are testing limits, pushing boundaries and developing a sense … Read More

When should you consider family counselling?

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Family life can sometime be tricky. Over time, family relationships become more complicated, like when children grow and their personalities become more defined, when there’s difficulties within the parents’ relationship, social pressures and other different stressors.

Dealing with Bullies

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The setting is the playground, the conversation goes like this – “you can’t play with us, your too stupid.” “Your clothes aren’t cool, where do you shop the dollar store!?” “No one wants to be your friend.” You log into … Read More

Benefits of Counselling and Therapy

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There has been much research done about the benefits of counselling. Conclusions of research are always the same, counselling works. In the counselling process, you are heard. In its core, that is the single most important benefit. By being heard … Read More

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