Our counselling services are offered in a comfortable, supportive, and safe space.  We have created an environment to help you explore difficult issues affecting your life.

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Offering counselling services in Guelph, Ontario and the surrounding area.

Sometimes life can be overwhelming. 

Breaking free may seem impossible. Staring at these feelings of depression, anxiety, loneliness, stress, anger, grief, or loss in the eye can be the scariest thing in the world.

We want to empower you to take control of your emotions and embrace the negative feelings, just like you do the positive ones.

Life is your journey. We're here to walk a small part of the way with you. Together we will help you make sense of the world and your place in it.

Counselling services provided include traditional talk therapy, art therapy, and sand tray therapy.  We offer services to Guelph, Ontario's children, teens, and adults. If you're looking for support, we are here to help.

Art Therapy

Are you looking for a non-traditional type of therapy?

Do you enjoy art?

Art therapy is a form of counseling that combines psychotherapy and the creative process.

Melanie is committed to providing mental health support to all ages and artistic abilities.

Together, Melanie will work with you to inspire personal insight and awareness of your feelings, thoughts, and behaviours.

Sandtray Thereapy

Sandtray therapy allows clients to create their inner world using sand and miniatures. This type of therapy allows clients to express their intermost thoughts, feelings, and emotions with sand, mini figurines, and sometimes water.


Brainspotting locates points in the client’s visual field that help to access unprocessed trauma in the subcortical brain.

Clinical Supervision and Consultation

Are you a social worker or a social work student? 

Do you want to get better at your clinical skills?

Erica has been a registered social worker since 2007. She understands first-hand the pressures of working in a private practice and how isolating it can be.

Together we will explore your clinical competencies to build a self-reflective practice so that you can successfully meet the needs of your clients.

Family Mediation

Is your family going through a divorce or separation? 

Are you concerned about legal costs or the lengthy process in the courts? 

If you answered yes to any of these questions, mediation may be the answer for you.

Voice of the Child

Is your family going through a divorce or separation?

Are you interested in hearing about your child's wishes and views?

Have the Courts asked for a Voice of the Child Report?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, connect with Erica to get your Voice of the Child Report.

Counselling Services

Have you had an experience that provokes strong emotions?

Are you wanting to explore and better understand where these feelings are coming from?

We can help you navigate and understand this experience so you can move forward to a healthier and happier place. 

Our goal at Eugenio Counselling Services is to create a custom treatment plan that will give you the tools and techniques to help you overcome potentially stressful situations.

Book a Counselling Session

Eugenio Counselling offers a comfortable, supportive, and safe space to explore difficult issues affecting your life. 

* Our free meet and greet is intended to enable you to determine whether therapy, and the therapist is right for you. We will discuss your needs and together determine how to move forward.

Erica & Melanie

Erica Eugenio, MSW, RSW
Registered Social Worker
Melanie Brakel Registered Psychotherapist

(226) 343-7888

Melanie, DTATI, RP


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