Family Mediation

Frequently Asked Questions About Family Mediation Answered by Professionals People use the term “mediation” in a variety of ways. Mediation is a process that provides a neutral environment to solve a dispute. Family mediation assists couples to reach an agreement on issues such as child custody, the family home, finances, and the future. How can…

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Voice of the Child Reports

The Answers to All Your Questions At One Place The Voice of the Child Reports is helpful in situations when parents decide to split. While developing a parenting plan for the parties’ separation, the child’s wishes are an essential and practical factor to consider. A Judge may order a Voice of the Child Report, or…

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Art Therapy

art therapy guelph

Art Therapy: Everything You Need to Know If you’re seeking a form of therapy that is creative and expressive, art therapy may be perfect for you. It can help you process your thoughts and emotions, work through difficult life experiences, and improve overall well-being. Art therapy is beneficial for people struggling with emotional issues or…

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