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Welcome to Eugenio Counselling Services. Here you will be empowered to improve your emotional well being, enhance your ability to manage interpersonal relationships, and become the best you that you can be.

Erica Eugenio MSW, RSW

There will only be one expert in the room that matters when we talk - and that is you, as you are the only expert in your own life.

I am there to listen to your story, not leading, just walking alongside you as you travel down a road that will become easier the further you go, making sense of what is happening to you and in your life.

My specializations are grief work, families, children and adolescents, and with a Masters in social work from Wilfrid Laurier University, my experiences will help create a warm, welcoming environment that will enable you to see the past is part of your life , but does not have control of you.

Life in many ways is one big journey made up of lots of smaller ones, and I want to empower you to make significant changes that will ensure no single part of your life controls and limits what you can feel and achieve.

Based on solution-focused, narrative, acceptance and commitment therapy, it would be a privilege for me to work with you through depression, anger, stress, grief and loss, or any other negative emotions you are feeling.

You will be empowered to cope with challenges, make changes in your life and most importantly, recognize emotions are meant to be felt and where they are coming from, which will help you make sense of them and start enjoying life.

Everyone has a story to tell and being brave enough to let me into your life and share yours with me is the biggest and most important step.

I will only accompany you on a small part of the journey but hope what I offer can help make the rest of yours more rewarding - I won’t give you the solution, but will help you to find it yourself.

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Eugenio Counselling offers a comfortable, supportive, and safe space to explore difficult issues affecting your life. Anxiety, depression and family counselling.

* Our free initial counselling session is intended to enable you to determine whether therapy, and the therapist is right for you. We will discuss your needs and together determine how to move forward.

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