Achieve a work-life balance in Guelph: Practical How-to

4 things to be great at what you do and still have a life

In today’s working world, jobs demand a lot of attention. The need to impress the boss is important, however, you also want a certain quality of life, to be able to spend time with your family. The question is: How can this be done? Check out these 4 points on how to manage it!

1. Be true to yourself

Know what your limits are. It is not possible to do everything for everyone all the time at the office. Take only what you can manage and be careful not to turn into a yes man/woman. Work as hard as you need, just remember that sometimes it is just as important to be able to say no as it is to say yes.

If you find yourself feeling worn out all the time that might be a sign that you are doing too much. Listen to your body. You won’t be any good to your company or family if you’re stressed out all of the time.

2. Take time for what matters to you

Take the time to enjoy the company of your family and friends. Make sure to have at least one hobby, something you like to do outside of work. Exercise, a sport, art, or volunteering, whatever the activity, find something you enjoy. When you do something you enjoy or matters to you, you are dde-stressing. Stressed people can’t perform at work as much as when they are de-stressed. If you are not stressed and more plentiful, your work performance will be that much better.

3. Work Life and Home Life shouldn’t mix

Keeping your work life separate from your home life is a healthy decision. It is also an important thing to do. Bringing your work home can turn into a burden to your family and friends, you may also be missing moments in your children’s lives by working late or taking an extra call that may have waited until the morning. The rule is simple, if it isn’t life or death, it can wait.

Make your family your most important priority. Spend some of your free time with them, away from the distractions of your work. Guelph has many amenities and hidden little gems, discover them with your family and friends.

4. Always Learning

The willingness to learn something new is one of the keys to success. Change is the only constant in life, and in today’s society it is an extremely fast moving target. Read articles, books and maybe watch some videos on youtube, stay up to date with every new thing and extend your understanding by continually learning.

If you have some time left, take a class or a course with a local company. Keep your mind alive by always staying hungry for learning. This is a great way to stay ahead of your competition, do so and rewards will follow.