So you made it through the procedure of the abortion, which was probably no easy choice. You went in feeling/thinking/knowing it was the right thing to do, or maybe you went in hoping it was the right thing to do. No matter the reasoning, you now have to cope with the decision you made.

What should I be feeling?

You should be feeling whatever you feel. There is no right or wrong way to feel. You may feel guilty, sad, or even relieved. It all makes sense. Don’t punish yourself for these feelings. Feelings are feelings and need to be felt.

If you feel guilty think about what led up to your decision, how you became pregnant if it wasn’t planned. If you are relieved and not feeling sadness or guilt, that is also ok.  Even though you made the decision to end your pregnancy, you may still experience grief around this.  The grief process is normal after an abortion.

Where to get help

There are many places to get post-abortion help. The abortion clinic you went to will be able to offer you support.

Seek out those that you trust and aren’t going to judge you for your decision. If you need to speak about making the decision or need support afterwards contact me and we will talk about your options and your feelings.