Back to School Time

It is that time of month when kids and families are gearing up for going back to school.  The summer fun is coming to an end and back to school shopping has started.  For some returning to school is an exciting time, you get to see friends who you haven’t seen all summer, you are curious who your teacher is going to be and you look forward to meeting new friends.  For others, the return of the school year brings with it anxiety and stress.

How to Ease Back Into the School Routine

Here are some helpful tips to start gearing up for school:

  • start your school bedtime and morning routine the week before school starts
  • do all of your back to school shopping and follow the supply list
  • talk about what it means that your child doesn’t want to return to school, address his/her fears
  • meet with the teacher, most teachers are at the school getting prepared, set up a time to drop in and say hi
  • if your child is walking to school, walk the school route a couple of times together, address any concerns they may have
  • get a homework spot ready, where your child can concentrate and complete homework

When Concerns Arise150-pack3-021514-tm

Not every child is going to make an easy transition when they return back to school.  Be open about their concerns and address them in a child-friendly way.  Take their concerns seriously. They may not seem serious to you, but they are to your child.  Be honest and open with the school and the teacher about your child’s anxieties and school struggles.  They are there to help.

If your child needs more support with transitioning back to school, please contact me and I will meet with you and your child to address their concerns.