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Are your priorities in order?

By Erica Eugenio | April 28, 2014

Time is a precious commodity, we all would like more, but we only have what we’ve got. As children, we used to think that time was endless, that it was a long time for days to pass. In fact, we were easily bored and always felt we were waiting. As adults, we barely have enough time, and finding ourselves bored is sometimes quite refreshing.

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What Happens in a Counselling Session?

By Erica Eugenio | April 7, 2014

Have you decided to seek counselling and are now wondering what happens in a counselling session? Are you unsure of what to expect at this first visit? Here are some tips of what to expect at your first visit.

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Recipe for Success

By Erica Eugenio | February 22, 2014

What is your family’s recipe for success? What does it take to be a family? Have you ever had this discussion with your family? As families we sometimes get caught up in the day to day activities of being a family; running here, going there, registering for this and that. When do we stop and really spend time as a family?

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Is it time to seek a therapist for counselling?

By Erica Eugenio | February 18, 2014

A frequent question people ask about counselling in Guelph; when is it a good time to find a therapist for counselling? There are many reasons and situations in which people seek counselling, however, sometimes waiting until is not a good idea. It is never too late, just consider that the longer you wait, the longer your life is not what it should be.

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Achieve a work-life balance in Guelph: Practical How-to

By Erica Eugenio | January 29, 2014

In today’s working world, jobs demand a lot of attention. The need to impress the boss is important, however, you also want a certain quality of life, to be able to spend time with your family. The question is: How can this be done? Check out these 4 points on how to manage it!

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