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Letting go of the Past, Living in the Present

By Erica Eugenio | October 25, 2016

Letting go of the past, Living in the Present Letting go of the past, living in the present may be one of the most difficult things we do.  We all have a story, and that story is our past.  Our past defines and shapes who we are, and what we believe.  Our past does not control us.  We can choose a path of letting go of the past, to live in the present. So, what does this mean, it means that you are no longer going to let the past influence your today.  We are choosing to not be controlled…

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Parenting a Child with Anxiety

By Erica Eugenio | October 20, 2016

Parenting a child with anxiety can be difficult at times.  It can raise our own fears and anxieties.  Keep reading to find out more about children and anxiety. Children and Anxiety All children experience anxiety at some point. Normal anxiety and nervousness appear when children are faced with unfamiliar or challenging situations, and a sensitive parent can listen to a child’s fears and encourage them to approach the challenge step-by-step, with appropriate support. Normal, manageable anxiety is one of the many hallmarks of growing up. Parenting a Child with Anxiety Some level of anxiety is normal for everyone, even children. …

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Seasonal Affective Disorder

By Erica Eugenio | October 11, 2016

It is that time of year when many may start feeling the symptoms of seasonal affective disorder.  As they days get shorter, it is darker earlier, and we don’t spend as much time outside, we may feel our mood shift. So, what is seasonal affective disorder? Seasonal Affective Disorder Mood changes with the seasonal changes.  This usually occurs late fall and then starts improving in the spring.  Many people find they are more tired, irritable, appetite changes, weight gain.  It is possible to have the opposite of this, and experience onset of depressed mood closer to the summer months, ending…

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Children and Sexual Identity

By Erica Eugenio | October 5, 2016

Parenting a child who is questioning their sexual identity can present some unique challenges. How you respond can have a profound impact on your child, as well as on your relationship with them. Open Communication Open communication about sexuality is beneficial for all children and young adults, and provides a healthy framework for children who are questioning their sexuality. Sexuality is an important part of every individual’s health and well-being. Educating children and young adults about sexual health is key to providing them with the skills and knowledge they need. Talking to your children about sex and sexuality may be uncomfortable, but…

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It’s Back to School Time

By Erica Eugenio | August 31, 2016

It is that time of year when we start thinking about back to school and everything that goes with it: school supplies, bus schedules, before and after school care, who is my child going to have for a teacher.  Children have their own fears: who I am going to have for a teacher, will my friends be in my class, I’m not going to have any friends.  Here are some tips to help start preparing your child for back to school: Playdates Organize some playdates with friends that haven’t seen over the summer.  If you know which class your child…

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