Eugenio Counselling services are designed with our clients’ needs in mind.  At our practice, counselling is about working together to develop a working plan that will suit your specific needs. Our main counselling therapy goal is to help empower our clients to be completely involved with the process of change and to help you in living the best life you can.

Who seeks counselling?

People seek counselling as a resource outside themselves when they feel they are no longer able to deal effectively with situations. It is also a result of someone wanting to make changes in their lives who need help figuring out the next steps. A diverse range of people use our personal counselling services. Clients seek counselling for a range of issues and concerns. Someone interested in counselling does not need to be in crisis to be benefited by counselling.

Common issues for which people seek our counselling services in Guelph include depression / depressed mood, relationship difficulties, disordered eating or body image issues, anxiety disorders, anger management, family issues / child counselling, past or current abuse or trauma, stress issues, issues about sex and sexuality, identity issues and grief counselling.

What is counselling?

Counselling involves a counsellor and an individual or a group (such as a family). In counselling, we work together to achieve your goals for change and improvement. In counselling, you speak with a trained professional who helps you explore difficult questions or issues occurring in your life.

How does counselling help?

Counselling can help in developing skills in various areas of your life as well as improving personal relationships. Giving advice is not typically a part of counselling, what is more important is that you explore your concerns and find an answer that works for you.

How can Eugenio Counselling help you?

We can help in many ways. Our sessions are planned around you and your particular concerns or issues. We specialize in individual counselling and family counselling. Our aim is to:

  • Help you find ways to improve your emotional well being
  • Improve your ability to communicate and engage in interpersonal relationships, and to
  • Equip you with powerful tools, which will help you solve problems

Finding the right therapist is crucial and choosing a good fit is an important decision. This is necessary to achieve effective progress. My style of work is characterized by collaboration, optimism, compassion and intuition. Without being harsh, I try to be straightforward and encouraging while avoiding the application of pressure. I am open and a great listener, I’d rather understand more than judge people.

If you are interested in booking an appointment, call me at (226) 343-7888 or schedule a free initial counselling session:

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