Welcome to Eugenio Counselling, I am a counsellor based in Guelph, Ontario, and also provide ecounselling. People from the tri-city area (Kitchener – Waterloo, Cambridge and Guelph) visit my office on a regular basis, so if you live in Kitchener, we can easily arrange a session, at my downtown Guelph office.

I have many years of experience as a registered counsellor in Ontario, and I help people develop personal and emotional skills to allow them to improve their personal and professional lives. I am also a social worker and I specialize in working with families and young children, helping them realize their potential and find ways to enjoy life to its fullest (including helping as a sleep coach).

Eugenio Counselling is based at an accessible practice downtown Guelph, Ontario. I mainly provide counselling on a one to one basis; however I also offer relationship counselling. If you do not want to come to my practice or you cannot get there I also offer ecounselling via email using a secure and private service that ensures your absolute privacy.

You may be wondering, what is counselling and how can it help?

What is counselling and how it helps.

By explaining what counselling is, I hope this will help you decide if you would like to use my counselling Kitchener services. As a counsellor I give you the opportunity to talk through and about what is going on in your life. Talking with a neutral person, who is not family member or a work colleague about issues that are causing you problems, is one of the main concepts of counselling. The benefits are apparent when you consider that as a counsellor I have no specific role in your situations and this allows you to talk freely, without fear of retribution or judgement. As a counsellor I am here to listen to you about how you are feeling. I do not judge or tell you what you should be doing, my job is to support and guide you to find your own personal solution.

Counselling is a great opportunity to:

  • Talk privately and confidentially about your life and situations
  • Express feelings you can’t or wouldn’t express with family and friends
  • Receive guidance and assistance for yourself, your partner and your family
  • Be listened to and have your feelings understood from your point of view
  • Find ways of coping with loss, grief, depression or other emotions
  • Make positive choices to help yourself
  • Be heard
  • Allow you to lift the weight off your shoulders
  • Experience a safe, supportive and non judgemental environment
  • Gain insights and new perspectives on your problems

For more information on Eugenio Counselling, you can call me at (226)343-7888 or contact me. Everyone experiences difficult times in their life at one point, getting help speeds up the healing process and allows you to come out better after, you are not alone.

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