Is it time to seek counselling?

If your answer to any of the following questions is yes, you should consider seeking counselling Kitchener:

  • Is life not quite where you want it to be?
  • Are you struggling with a stage in life, relationships or your career?
  • Are you working to solve these problems yourself, or maybe with the help of family and friends, but you still feel stuck or misunderstood?

Take the first step to making changes in your life!

Counselling Kitchener. Choosing the right therapist is a crucial decision.

In counselling, my objectives as a therapist are to:

  • Help you find ways to improve your emotional well being
  • Improve your communication skills and to help you better engage in interpersonal relationships, and to
  • Empower you with great tools, which will allow you to solve different problems

Finding the right therapist is crucial and choosing a good fit is an important decision. This is vital to achieve effective progress in counselling. My style of work is characterized by compassion, collaboration, optimism and intuition. Without being harsh, I try to be straightforward and encouraging avoiding the application of any pressure. I am open and a great listener, I’d rather understand more than judge people.

Please take some time to look through my website to learn more details about my work providing counselling in Kitchener.

Interested in booking an appointment? The first 30 minute consultation is free and is intended to enable you to determine whether therapy, and the therapist is right for you. In this session, we will discuss your needs and together determine who to move forward.

You can contact me through the contact page to set up your free 30 minute consultation by calling 226-343-7888 or by email me at

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