Back To School Sign As Symbol For EducationIt is that time of year when we start thinking about back to school and everything that goes with it: school supplies, bus schedules, before and after school care, who is my child going to have for a teacher.  Children have their own fears: who I am going to have for a teacher, will my friends be in my class, I’m not going to have any friends.  Here are some tips to help start preparing your child for back to school:


Organize some playdates with friends that haven’t seen over the summer.  If you know which class your child is going to be in, ask around and organize playdates with kids in the same class.


Start into your school routine a week prior to school starting, this means getting up and going to bed the same time every day.  Take a practice run to see how long it is going to take to get ready for school in the morning.  Take a walk through of walking to the bus stop or to school.


Address any fears your child might have.  Be open to listening, and support your child in problem solving their fears.  Connect with the school if these fears may carry over into the school year.  Seek support from your child’s teacher, child and youth worker, or educational assistant.

Be Realistic

It is difficult to get back into routines.  Go easy on yourself and your kids.  Set realistic expectations.

If your child is experiencing fears that are interfering with their day to day activities, contact me for a consultation.