The New Baby

The new baby has arrived and everyone around you is excited and wanting to see the baby.  You were expecting to have the baby blues and have some emotional times during the first few days, but what you didn’t expect was the lingering feelings of sadness. If the baby blues don’t go away, you most likely have a post partum depression.

Living with post partum depression

What is Post Partum Depression

Post partum depression is a depression that can happen up to 1 year after the birth of your baby. You may be feeling worthless, helpless, sad, overwhelmed. You could be tearful, have difficulty sleeping or not much of an appetite. These feelings can be confusing because this is suppose to be a happy time.

What Can you do?

The most important thing is to go easy on yourself. Being a new mom is hard, and we have these expectations of what being a new mom is suppose to be like. Here are some tips to help you out:

Get sleep – I know, easier said than done. When baby is sleeping you need to be sleeping. Did you know that traditional maternal care, allowed mom to stay in bed. Baby would be brought to her to feed. Meals were also brought to mom.

Ask for help – if you are really worried about the house being clean or the laundry getting done, ask for help.  You know that question “if there is anything you need?” Take them up on the offer.

Acknowledge how you feel – hiding the emotions are going to be make things seem worse. Be open and honest about your feelings, your only human.

Get out of the house – as hard as it is, get out and about. Attend a mommy and baby group, join a gym, do something so that you are not isolating yourself.  Connect with other moms who may be experiencing something similar.

Counselling – counselling can help as we tend to have a negative commentary running through our head when we are depressed.  Targeting these negative thoughts and assumptions, can help improve our mood.

Medication – if things are getting worse and you really aren’t feeling like yourself, speak to your doctor about medication. Medication can help lift the mood.

If you or someone you know if experiencing a post partum depression, please contact me.