Living With SeriesLiving with and supporting someone with mental health concerns

Over the next couple of months I will be posting blogs on a series called living with and supporting someone with mental health concerns.

Information will include a description of the illness, signs and symptoms, what you can do to support that person and different treatment options that you can discuss with your loved one.

I will cover several different mental health concerns, in order to reach out to most families who have a loved one experiencing mental health concerns.

Each blog will focus just on the one mental illness therefore the family members won’t get confused on the mental illnesses signs and symptoms. Being able to read the blogs will help you understand what you or one of your family member or friends might have and give you the information needed to help them understand the illness and get the help they need. The blogs are also there to help end the stigma of mental illness by showing how common a mental illness can be and how we can all be affected.

For more help or more information feel free to contact me.