Mommy and Me

Play and Learn Series

These are 8 week, two hour sessions for moms to meet other moms, network and socialize, while the babies, toddler and preschoolers are free to explore the play area and toys. Our community experts will be on site to answer any questions and provide the necessary education or training you looking for.

10-11am- Mom and Me Drop In social

11-11:45- Information for mom and continued play time for toddler and preschoolers.

Week 1 – Car Seat Safety

As a parent we hear so many different things about car seats. Do you know how to correctly install your car seat or how to check to make sure it is installed correctly? Our certified car seat technician will teach us how to install our car seats.

Week 2 – Post partum Depression and Infant Sleep

Did you know that 15 to 20% of women will experience postpartum depression and 30% of women with a history of depression wiill experience postpartum depression? Join us as we learn about PPMD and what can be done to help.

Sleep is a big factor in preventing postpartum depression. Let’s talk about how to get the best sleep with an infant.

Week 3 – Immunizations, Nutrition and Diapering

We hear a lot of debate around immunizations, Public Health will be joining us to give us the facts about immunizations and the new requirements. Let’s talk nutrition, healthy eating for you and baby.

Diapers – what’s normal and not normal for a baby.

Week 4 – Medical Emergencies

Dr. Arthur Eugenio will join us this week to answer questions about medical emergencies. When should visit the emergency room? How high is too high for a fever? Bring along your questions for him to answer.

 Week 5 – Making Baby Food

We will gather in the kitchen to make baby food and talk about different ways it can be made.

Week 6 – Post partum Fitness

Getting back in shape can be a struggle after pregnancy. We will learn what exercises will help us get back into shape and what exercises might not be the best postpartum.

Week 7 – Playing with your Infant

This session will teach us how to use infant massage in play. We will be down on the ground playing and socializing with our babies.

Week 8 – Speech Development

Hearing our baby’s first words is such a wonderful thing. Today we will learn how to encourage and develop speech in our babies.

Under the direction of Erica Eugenio, MSW, RSW, hosted @ Bulldog Fitness

Begins Sept 25th 2014

Time: Thursday mornings 10am- 12noon

$80/8 weeks

Please call to register 519-836-3838

259 Grange Rd., Guelph

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