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Sometimes obstacles or challenges in life can seem insurmountable and you feel like you will never get over them and be happy again, achieve anything, or even do the simplest things, such as get out of bed in the morning.

The emotions these obstacles create can trap you and you become stuck in this cycle of negative thoughts and behaviours that impact badly on you, your mental health, your family, relationships and work.

In a safe and comfortable environment, I want to promote change by listening to you, understanding your story and helping you to improve awareness of where these emotions are coming from, how to accept them and create processes to move forward.

These negative thoughts stop us setting goals in life, but we can break them down, break the negative cycle and help you to start seeing the future more positively.

I know fleeing from pain can be a natural instinct, but I will show you that confronting these feelings doesn’t have to be a horrible experience - we can challenge these fears together and try to accept them.

This will reduce the pain and create lifelong change, where you can start looking forward instead of back.

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Eugenio Counselling offers a comfortable, supportive, and safe space to explore difficult issues affecting your life. Anxiety, depression and family counselling.

* Our free initial counselling session is intended to enable you to determine whether therapy, and the therapist is right for you. We will discuss your needs and together determine how to move forward.

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