Family Mediation

Sometimes things have broken down so badly, that the only thing you now agree on is that you want what’s best for your child or children.

While this may be the only positive left between you, it’s a big positive as it allows us to start redefining your relationship so you can co-parent with a child-centered approach, facilitating fair and balanced solutions.

My role isn’t to offer these solutions but to help you to create a plan that works for both of you, and most importantly, for your children.

A process of negotiation can be in the best interest of everyone and will help you set out a pathway forward and see things more clearly.

I can help by mediating over areas such as time with children, parenting issues, support, property and adoption.

It is a voluntary process and one in which issues can be resolved and you can work out your own solutions in an environment that helps you to effectively navigate through difficult conversations.

I can’t promise it will all be easy, but it’s a great platform to start from that you both agree you want what’s best for your children, and we can build slowly from there.

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