Off to High School

Being in high school tends to be a big milestone for many students not just in terms of their academic life but also because this is where they will spend most of their teenage years. High school can be a setting that provides more freedom to students as compared to middle school and this can be a big change. Not only that, but high school also offers many new experiences in terms of school clubs, courses and the many new friends and peers that students tend to meet.

Tips to Survive Your First Year of High School

•     At the beginning you may not know anyone and meeting people may make you feel anxious, but remember that there are many other students going through this same experience. Eventually as things fall into place and you get used to your new schedule, you will most likely find yourself interacting with peers.

•     Don’t be afraid to explore. High school can offer many different courses on topics you may have previously not been introduced to, such as parenting, economics, law and so on. Even if your friends may not be interested, you can still take a course you would like to learn more about and meet some new people. Taking various courses can also help you determine what potential career path you may want to pursue after graduation.

•     Have fun. High school is not just about doing homework, assignments and exams. High school is also about having fun. Go out and join some extracurricular clubs or sports teams or go that high school dance if you feel like danci

•     Don’t hesitate to talk to teachers. Although this may seem intimidating as teachers are often seen as the bad guys who give homework and pop quizzes, remember that teachers are people with a lot of experience. One of their main responsibilities is ensuring that the material they are teaching is being understood, so if you happen to have any questions or need additional help, don’t be afraid to approach your teacher.

•     It’s okay to be different. There can be great peer pressures in high school to conform to certain standards as to how to dress, how to speak or what kind of music to listen to. Remember that ultimately how you do those things depends on you and how you feel. Just because you decide to wear something different than your friends, does not mean that there is anything wrong with you.

•     The quality of friendships is more important than the quantity. Some people have a lot of friends and others have a few. Remember though that it’s the kind of friends you have that matters. It is better to have 3 friends who are supportive and whom you feel comfortable with than 20 who you rarely get to spend quality time with.

Whether you are an adolescent or a parent, if you feel that you might need more support adjusting to the new experiences of high school, you can contact me.