When people think about counselling, most imagine a couch and someone holding a smoking pipe with a long white beard (a classic Freud image). However, technology and counselling has changed in many ways since the days of Dr. Freud. Can counselling be as effective in a non-conventional method like online counselling? There is in fact new studies that prove it does.

The University of Zurich recently released the results of a study about online therapy where their findings confirmed that online counselling for depression can be just as beneficial as conventional counselling and in some cases, even more effective than traditional methods. This study increase the growing support for web therapy counselling.

In the study, 6 therapists treated 62 patients, most of which suffered from moderate depression. At the end of the study, online counselling seem to be better in the medium term than regular counselling. In fact, there were no signs of depression on 57% of patients who received therapy online compared to 42% of those treated with traditional face-to-face counselling.

Satisfaction with both treatment methods were around the 95% percent, showing no difference in satisfaction from patients who were treated online and those treated in person.

Virtual therapy offers different advantages, including having a paper trail that can be re-read by the patient with the therapist, allowing to re-explore a session. Another big element is convenience. Online counselling allows for “on-demand” therapy, which can be scheduled almost at any time and from any place. The therapist is reachable through an email which are now easily accessible through phones.

Other universities continue to do research on the subject. As this new field continues to develop, it promises new alternatives for patients looking for counselling and care.

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