Recipe for Success

What is your family’s recipe for success? What does it take to be a family?¬†Have you ever had this discussion with your family?

As families we sometimes get caught up in the day to day activities of being a family; running here, going there, registering for this and that. When do we stop and really spend time as a family? Is there a time during the week that is meant for family time? We need to get our priorities straight and by family time I mean no electronics and having an honest, open and real conversation.

I met with a family recently who gave me permission to share with you their recipe for success. This family sought counselling as the family was not happy with what had been happening. They created a non-traditional recipe, no amounts of anything, just a mixture of what they feel make up a recipe for a successful family.

Here is what they came up with:

Family recipe for success

Sometimes is hard to communicate as a family. There is history, fears and other emotions that get in the way of an open and honest conversation. It is possible to change all of that.

If your family has difficulty communicating or having these conversations, or the conversations for some reason are not reaching their proper conclusion (end up in discussion or with negative feelings), maybe is time to get some outside help.

In counselling, a family can learn to communicate and share their lives, communication paths can be unblocked and allowed to flow naturally. But more importantly, with open and honest communication comes the sense of home, safety and unity that we all want.

If your family needs to gain some balance contact me and we can work on your recipe for success.