Family Mediation



Family mediation assists couples, reach an agreement on issues such as child custody, the family home, finances, and the future.

How can Family Mediation be Useful to You?

A mediator assists you in negotiating terms of a mediation agreement. In contrast to the courts, mediation lets you create your own agreement keeping in mind the best interest of your family . It can also be a more effective, less expensive, and a faster alternative to court.

Most important the mediator:

  • Assists parties in communicating and reaching an agreement.
  • Informs the parties about the process and commonly addressed issues.
  • Remains neutral.
  • Maintain strict confidentiality.

What Happens in Family Mediation?

There are a few steps regarding the mediation procedure in a family’s issue that involves the law. The details of the process are:

Step 1: Intake

Firstly, the mediator will meet with both parties separately to complete an intake. At this point the mediator is gathering information. Simultaneously, the mediator is screening for domestic violence.

Step 2: First Joint Session

Secondly, there is the first joint session. will begin with explaining the process and have both parties sign consent forms. Each party will outline what they hope to achieve in the mediation process. At any time the parties may request to speak with the mediator individually.

Step 3: Issues to Solve

The mediator allows the parties to address their issues (finances, assets, family home, children, support).

Step 4: Discussion of Issues

The mediator will assist the parties in communicating their wishes leading to mutual agreements.

Step 5: Negotiation to Reach a Middle Ground

The parties, negotiate to reach an amicable agreement. The mediator assists in keeping the conversation amicable and asking clarifying questions about each parties proposals.

Step 7: The Final Agreement

Once an agreement is reached, the mediator will write up the agreement and give a copy to each party. If they parties wish they can take the agreement to a lawyer to be drawn up into a separation agreement.

Why Should You Go Ahead With Family Mediation?

There are innumerable reasons why Family Mediation would be beneficial for you like:

  • The issues are resolved mutually and can help heal the hurt from the relationship.
  • Provides quicker resolution.
  • The parties are able to choose what is best for them.
  • Children are protected from the lengthy legal proceedings, that can cause emotional damage.
  • Will save on court costs.
  • In cases like family matters, court proceedings become uglier. On the other side, in mediation, the parties can discuss and come to an agreement. Making it more likely, they will follow what they have agreed upon.

How Can Erica Help?

Sound decision-making, reconciliation of divergent viewpoints, clearing the air, lowering animosity, increased understanding, improved communication, and relationship transformation are all possible outcomes of utilizing family mediation services.


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