Sandtray Therapy

Sandtray therapy allows clients to create their inner world using sand and miniatures. This type of therapy allows clients to express their innermost thoughts, feelings, and emotions with sand, mini figurines, and sometimes water. 


Sandtray therapy activates the right side of the brain, where early trauma as well as emotions and feelings lie. Information is first processed in pictures on the right side of the brain, and then words are formed on our left side. Our right side of the brain must be active to give words to our experiences. 


Building out scenarios, thoughts, feelings and complicated emotions can help clients process and explore their past experiences and emotions.



The Process: The client will select a collection of miniatures by feeling them without thinking too much into what they are choosing. The miniatures are then placed into the sandtray, and creating begins. 


The therapist will process their world, when they are finished building. 


Type of Client: This type of therapy is appropriate for anyone. Especially those who have trouble vocalizing complex emotions. 

Issues Explored:  Trauma, ADHD, mood disorders, grief and loss, shame and guilt, self-compassion

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Erica & Melanie

Erica Eugenio, MSW, RSW
Registered Social Worker/Sandtray Therapist

Melanie Brakel, DTATI, RP
Registered Psyschotherapist/Art Therapist
(226) 343-7888