With regular frequency, when I see a client for the first time, they tell me that they have considered counselling for a long time (even years) before finally making the first appointment. Often, this first appointment comes at the very last moment possible before making important life changing decisions or when it is almost too late.  People tend to feel nervous or scared about therapy, but once they are in, they realize that there was nothing to worry about. In fact, many clients realize that a therapist is like a best friend without the complications that get in the way of open communication.

It is common for people to wait until the last minute hoping that things will fix themselves. Many people truly believe that if they are just able to get the job they want, move to a different house or start a hobby all their life problems will disappear. Unfortunately, in my experience, for most of my clients waiting makes things worse and problems don’t usually go away on their own. What is even worse, waiting prolongs pain and suffering unnecessarily.

In other times, there is a fear that seeing a therapist or going to counselling may lead to having to implement changes or do something about their current situation for it to be better. I think that most of the time, the fear of facing the things they have been avoiding for a long time is what keeps people from counselling.

While making changes may seem difficult, being unable to move on or getting stuck is a much worse situation. Do you think it is better to stay stucked instead of making things better?

If you have been considering booking a counselling session, do it now. One of the things that almost all of my clients have in common is that after the first sessions they wish they had started counselling much sooner. A month from now you will be so happy you started now. Are you sure waiting is better?